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Female  /  Uganda
I can write it all as long as it matters. I am mother, writer, traveler and always ready to share.
Male  /  Germany
Lars Dolkemeyer lives and studies in Berlin. In addition to regular film reviews and monthly streami...
Male  /  Germany
David Opie is an Entertainment writer. His contributions can be read at Highsnobiety, Into, Digital ...
Male  /  Canada
Addison Wylie is the Founder and Film Critic at Wylie Writes,. He is also a journalist at Can Screen...
Male  /  South Africa
Daniel Friedman is a writer contributor for The Citizen.
Male  /  France
Co-founder of Apologistinfo and Le Billet. He is an ex Avant Première and an apostle of modern times...
Female  /  Nigeria
A second year law student at the University of Lagos. I am a highly motivated and hardworking studen...
Male  /  UK
Chris Wilkinson is a writer for The Courier
Male  /  USA
Film critic and journalist at various publications, frequently The New York Times. Also highly educa...
Male  /  UK
Freelance film journalist, editor & critic.
Male  /  UK
Richard Mowe is an arts and features journalist based in Edinburgh, London and Paris. He contributes...
Male  /  UK
As far back as he can remember, Redmond Bacon always wanted to be a film critic. To him, being a fil...
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