Oluwadeaduramilade Tawak

Oluwadeaduramilade Tawak was the 2nd runner-up in The Critic Challenge 2017. She is an almost psychologist, writer and researcher. She loves books and enjoys reading . Her works have been published in Brittle Paper and Arts & Africa.


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The Role of the Critic is to create and document Culture – IfeOluwa Nihinlola

IfeOluwa Nihinlola is a Lagos-based writer and editor. His essays and short stories have been featured in Ozy, Klorofyl, Saraba, Afreada, and Omenana, and he writes about music for MusicInAfrica.net. He was a participant in the Young Critics workshop organised by the International Association of The ...
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Tatu: What Happens When a Few Good Actors Can’t Save a Movie

With recent offerings, it seems there are two ways to make a bad Nollywood movie: take a flimsy plot, plop in some slightly above average actors and one or two Nollywood greats, use lots of bright colours and well decorated sets, write a terrible script, and have very nice cinematography. The other ...
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Where is Tech in African Literature?

It is curious that in 2017, there are few African novels that represent technology the way we use it in our daily lives. Beyond cursory mentions of popular social networks and sending emails, there is almost no recognition of what technology, specifically the internet, does and how we use it. This i ...
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