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Show Dem Camp embodies the beauty of Palm Wine Music [Review]

We first discovered the palm wine vibes with Feel Alright. That set the precedent, and opened us up to a new sound. The project represents escaping the stress of Lagos life, it’s oneness with nature, chilling with friends, a beautiful woman and ultimately just a happy place. The ‘happy weekend ...
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Is Krizbeatz the King of the New Wave in Nigeria? [Review]

With no proper definition, the industry named the sound, pon pon pon. However the one who knows the origin of the sound decided to give his ‘new wave’ sound a proper introduction in the form of an album titled, Afro Dance Music (ADM) It has been ages since the last shock wave hit the field of mu ...
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My Top Ten Nollywood Cinema Movies of 2017

The year is more or less a wrap, and it’s only fitting that we reminisce on some of the hottest movies that showed in cinemas in the last twelve months. To be honest, the year hasn’t seen many runaway successes. Last year had a lot more; 76, 93 Days, The Wedding Party, Gidi Blues, The Arbitratio ...
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And the year 2017 belongs to…DAVIDO

Davido still bears the palm as 2017’s winner of most hits in Nigeria. Why? ‘If’ was intense…[and] ‘Fall’ wasn’t as melodious as ‘If’, but [it] came with a slang that still graces timelines and tweets to this day. The Nigerian music scene has grown as competitive as the rodeo. T ...
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What is it about Reminisce’s Ponmile?

Ponmile has soul. Perhaps enough soul to make you reminisce as the rapper’s name implies. And this is what we thought he’d do when we heard his name the first time: make us all reminisce. It is a kind of song that brings all the moods home. Reminisce, who is known also by his song title Baba Haf ...
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Tatu: What Happens When a Few Good Actors Can’t Save a Movie

With recent offerings, it seems there are two ways to make a bad Nollywood movie: take a flimsy plot, plop in some slightly above average actors and one or two Nollywood greats, use lots of bright colours and well decorated sets, write a terrible script, and have very nice cinematography. The other ...
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Where is Tech in African Literature?

It is curious that in 2017, there are few African novels that represent technology the way we use it in our daily lives. Beyond cursory mentions of popular social networks and sending emails, there is almost no recognition of what technology, specifically the internet, does and how we use it. This i ...
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Curious case of Mr. Eazi and why Nigerians need to do better

A lot has, and is still being said about Mr Eazi on social media following his criticism of other Nigerian artistes for utilising Ghanaian elements on his Capital Xtra interview with Ras Kwame. The outburst started when a twitter user shared a minute clip from the interview and the Nigerian keyboard ...
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Lagos Big Boy: A Creative Misstep by Ndani TV?

A poster of four boys in agbada looking regal and ‘demonic’ would definitely melt many hearts. This is perhaps why a lot of us, me included, fell quickly for the Lagos Big Boy series, that is apart from the reputation Ndani TV has created for itself with hit shows like Gidi Up and Skinny Girl In ...
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What Criticism Is To The Creative Industry And African Narrative

Debate is subjective. It is nothing short of a game of thrones – explicit, vicious and scheming with unending plot twists where there is hardly hero or villain, victor or vanquished. And the (anything but) “Greatest Podcast You Ever Did In Your Life” debate featuring’s Osagie Alonge ...
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