In the Niger Delta creeks Southern Nigeria, nine expatriates are being held hostage by militants fighting for control over the resources from their land. At the same time, a series of seemingly unconnected events rock the country. Alex Randa, a celebrated agent of the Department of State Services, with a compelling record of successes is tasked by the president to secure the release of the hostages; and to also uncover the sponsors behind the militants. With nothing to go on but the phrase ‘Operation Raven’, her instincts, and three unlikely allies, Alex quickly learns nothing is what it seems. Together, they must race against time to save not just the hostages but a nation on the brink of a bloody Civil War.

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The Musty Corner

26 Jan 2017
A Conspiracy of Ravens is the second novel by Othuke Ominiabohs (author of Odufa), a political thriller. As suggested by the title, the novel follows the players and the pawns in a high-echelon conspiracy connected with every historical threat to the ...

30 Dec 2016
Othuke Ominiabohs outdid himself in this new book, A conspiracy of Ravens, an action thriller rare in these parts. This book brings up the Niger Delta militancy issue in Nigeria, the agitation for an Independent state of Biafra and the terrorist acti ...

Daily Trust

26 Dec 2016
Othuke Ominiabohs ‘A Conspiracy of Ravens’ is a political thriller and a work of fiction. The book exposes the present cause and developments of events that can be said to be spinoffs from the Nigerian Civil War, which now breeds militancy and in ...

Verses by Beordoon

26 Dec 2016
Just in case you didn’t know, Othuke Ominiabohs is one hell of a writer. Only one skilled in the art of writing can flip genre like he did from ‘Odufa’, a ‘sappy’ romantic tale, to the action packed thriller that ‘A Conspiracy of Ravens ...

The Liteyard

26 Dec 2016
Crime fiction or conspiracy stories, if you like, is not a genre Nigerians write about a lot; this year, I think I have just come across just one of such books (Easy motion Tourist by Leye Adenle) so I was very excited to read A Conspiracy of Ravens ...

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Published Date:

September 17th, 2016


TND Press Ltd (Nigeria)





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