Winner of the Association of Nigerian Authors Award – Prose and Fiction category 2016. Reverend Josiah Datubo Stowe, a retired SSS officer, is enjoying a charmed peaceful life in his new line of service to God. He is favoured by his boss, respected by his parishioners, adored by his colleagues and loved by his beautiful young wife, Sharon. A student of the Aniocha Federal University, Port Harcourt and still basking in the euphoria of a newly wed, Sharon finds herself unwittingly entangled in a love triangle with Leslie Attai a.k.a 'Merciless' and Musa Salifu a.k.a 'Mussolini'. One day, Sharon is missing from school and then turns up, four days later, in the Military Hospital. Medical examination reveals that she has been raped and sodomized severely. It also confirmed that she just had a spontaneous abortion as a result of the ordeal. Nobody knows, heard or saw anything. The Police investigations are sketchy and incoherent, to say the least.

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Published Date:

October 17, 2016


TND Press Ltd. (Nigeria)





Literary Awards:

ANA Prose Prize for Literature, Winner (2016)

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