Set in a fictitious village somewhere in Ibibio land in beautiful Akwa Ibom state, ‘Ayamma’ is the story of Ihuoma (Adesua Etomi), the poor but beautiful village maiden with the voice of an angel. Her voice coming out of the forest, so haunts Prince Daraima (Wale Ojo), the handsome heir to the throne that he does all he can to reach her so as to claim her hand in marriage. His efforts are however, constantly thwarted by the envious Princess Ama (Theresa Edem), a princess from a neighbouring village, betrothed to Prince Daraima and who will stop at nothing to secure her rightful place as his bride. All this is played out under the watchful gaze of his younger brother Ekong (Majid Michel) who harbours his own dark secret. Set in the lush, green fertile land of Akwa Ibom state, Ayamma is a sweeping epic that transports us into a magical world of music, dance and drama. Ayamma is directed by Chris Eneaji.

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31 Jan 2017
Ayamma, the latest from Emem Isong-Misodi and her Royal Arts Academy is a movie musical with the plot revolving around Prince Daraima, the groovy heir to the throne of an Ibibio kingdom blessed with grassy plains, docile citizens and a fair (skinned) ...


31 Jan 2017
Away from traditional movies set in major tribes of Nigeria, and the recent and nearly predominant inclusion of Benin, Emem Isong takes her movie, Ayamma, to a small village in Ibibio. The movie explores the life of a King who has two sons. He dies o ...

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Release Date:

December 23rd. 2016

Executive Producer:

Emem Isong Misodi

Associate Producer:

N. Akama Misodi


David Pietkiewicz


Vivian Chiji


David Pietkiewicz, Daniel Tom

Production Coordinator:

Onyinye Udezeh

Production Manager:

Emeka Duru

Production Company:

Royal Arts Academy


Silverbird Cinemas




99 minutes


N30 million

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