G-Worldwide Entertainment singer, Sugarboy has finally released his well-anticipated debut album “Believe”. The 22-track album only features fellow label mate Kiss Daniel on two songs off the album. Production credits goes to Beatburx, DJ Coublon, Tony Ross, Da Genius, Luis AMG, Papi J, Young Jonn and CMelony/Bangaz. The entire album was mixed and mastered by Suka Sounds.

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Music in Africa

24 May 2017
Last time the record label G Worldwide put out a record it resounded commercially and critically. That album was Kiss Daniel’s New Era. The title declared its intentions. Even its unreleased singles were played widely. It led to Kiss Daniel winning ...


08 May 2017
Since Hola Hola, we have been waiting for Sugarboy to present us with some sugar in a box. Expectedly, the word would come from Emperor Geezy, that somewhat feudal overlord at G WorldWide Records. Following the unexpected success of Kiss Daniel’s s ...


26 Apr 2017
Within Sugarboy, there’s enough talent to make him a pop star. But it is not being manifested at the level that he thinks it is. After spending many years in the music industry under the name A1, he found a new lease of life under G-Worldwide, and ...

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Beatburx, DJ Coublon, Tony Ross, Da Genius, Luis AMG, Papi J, Young Jonn and CMelony/Bangaz


Digital Download, Standard CD


1. Stunt Gidi
2. Neighbour
3. Double
4. Bar Man
5. Jofunmi
6. Informa
7. Dada Omo
8. Mad
9. Know
10. Kilamity (feat. Kiss Daniel)
11. Love You
12. Tomorrow
13. Osome De
14. Seri Koko
15. Blessings
16. Baby Oku
17. Socialite
18. Ekene (feat. Kiss Daniel)
19. Hola Hola
20. Pata Were
21. Legalize
22. Wicked

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