As humans, we all want to live happy lives but not all of us do. Most are drowning in the struggle to stay happy while depression continues to grow as an epidemic across the world. In this book, the authors give a practical and lasting solution to depression. They have successfully showed us that the way out of the pursuit of happiness is in having JOY. Keeping one foot in neuroscience and another in behavioral change, this book serves as the best guide to lead a ‘joyed up’ life. Happiness may be momentary, influenced by external factors but joy lasts for as long as you live and it flows from you into everything else. With captivating stories and easy to read style of writing, you will find healing and the tenacity to STAY JOYED UP in blue skies and red seas situations you find yourself in life. …reading through this book has been a worthwhile journey for me…In this book…many vulnerable minds in our world would find succour. - Coach Sam Obafemi, Behavioral Change Expert …Depression makes it tough to function and enjoy life like you once did…But no matter how hopeless you feel, you can get better…the authors have taken the time to...give those suffering from Depression answers to overcome…I trust and pray for your journey of recovery as you connect with people who care. - Dr. Michelle van Tonder, Leadership Strategist This book will help re-orientate your mind; it will help you navigate from a state of depression to the place true satisfaction that will keep you constantly ‘joyed up’. - Jola Akin-Alamu, CEO Kingdom Africa TV

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09 May 2017
The book is divided into twelve chapters, each discussing an issue that is important for the youth of today as part of the overall theme of the book to be “Joyed Up.” It helps that the authors are a young couple, who understand the problems that ...

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