In this short story collection, Nike Campbell-Fatoki filters the lives of contemporary Nigerians through a colourful and vivid prism, where past sins come to upset settled lives, where lost lives fuel a campaign for a better future and nothing is as it seems. She explores well-known themes but delves a little deeper, questioning our ideas about people, our impressions and prejudices. Bury Me Come Sunday Afternoon depicts the struggles of a young ambitious and hardworking Nigerian abroad with the same insightful candour as it does the tale of a brilliant but broken woman struggling with mental illness. Nike’s language is precise and direct. Her characters are sharply observant and self-aware even as they battle odds that stack against them. Morals are explored but there is no judgment even when the characters take vengeful and extreme actions. Heroes are created in unlikely scenarios and life as we know it, with more than one surprising twist unfolds in the pages. This book is an engaging and breezy read. It peels back layers, it informs, and entertains. Nike Campbell-Fatoki is a writer who will grow in power, providing an empathetic , wise and diverse voice to our typical personal stories.

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Verses by Beordoon

19 Mar 2017
In “Bury Me Come Sunday Afternoon’, Nike Campbell – Fatoki has put together a collection of short stories that provide both education and quality entertainment. Her stories are focused on contemporary issues that young adults can easily relate ...

19 Mar 2017
I love reading stories about facades and identity with multiple perspectives and angles, something about them just hooks me. I can’t really explain it—there’s just something about people and drama that’s guaranteed to please every single time ...

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