When Chris Hani was assassinated in his driveway in April 1993, he left a shocked and grieving South Africa, teetering on the precipice of civil war. But to 12-year-old Lindiwe Hani, it was the love of her life, her daddy, who had been brutally ripped from her world. While the nation continued to revere her father’s legacy, for Lindiwe, being Chris Hani’s daughter became an increasingly heavy burden to bear, propelling her into a downward spiral of cocaine and alcohol addiction in a desperate attempt to avoid the pain of his brutal parting. In this intimate and revealing memoir, Lindiwe faces her demons, not just those that haunted her through her addiction but, with the courage that comes with sobriety, she comes face-to-face with her father’s two killers. The book reveals the private meetings she had with both Clive Derby-Lewis before he succumbed to cancer in November 2016, and Janusz Walus, who is still serving a life sentence for her father’s assassination. It also includes extracts of the last interview with Chris Hani by historian Luli Callinicos.

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The Gremlin

08 May 2017
I remember April 10 1993, the day Chris Hani was assassinated, outside his Dawn Park, Boksburg home. I also watched Nelson Mandela making a heart-felt appeal on television for calm when a shocked nation began rioting, looting and burning, almost dera ...

Mail & Guardian

21 Apr 2017
A book with a provocative title is bound to titillate a morbid voyeurism in even the most stoic of minds. Being conscious of this, I hadn’t planned on reading Being Chris Hani’s Daughter. The fascination we have with famous figures is a little di ...

Business Day

12 Apr 2017
It is 24 years since Chris Hani was murdered outside his Boksburg home. His assassination, in a country teetering at the time on the brink of civil war, threatened to tip it over the precipice into a bloodbath. Nelson Mandela’s statesmanlike TV app ...

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March 1, 2017


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