Dub Steps has a strange long aftertaste. It is science fiction with ordinary characters trying to understand what it is to be alive. People have gone, suddenly, inexplicably, and the remaining handful have to find each other and start again. In that new beginning they wrestle with identity, race, sex, art, religion and time, in a remarkably realistic, step-by-step way. Nature comes back, Johannesburg becomes wonderfully overgrown, designer pigs watch from the periphery walls, and the small group of survivors have to find ways of living with their own flaws and the flaws of each other. The aftertaste comes from the surprisingly real meditations in the middle of the end: after all simulated reality has gone, what human reality is left? There are no clichés in this book, but there is plenty of humour, originality and a gripping, unusual interrogation of the ordinary but really extraordinary fact of being alive.

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Wawa Book Review

28 Feb 2017
Dub Steps is a novel set in a future South Africa. Initially, the only hints that the story is set in the future are references to ‘transmission paint’ and an evolving virtual reality experience that grows from virtual reality day care, for both ...

Rant and Reviews

28 Feb 2017
What does it mean to be human in a world where almost everyone has disappeared, inexplicably, in an instant, like a kind of religious Rapture? That’s the question (or at least part of it) posed by Andrew Miller in his debut novel, Dub Steps. The st ...

South African Bloggers

28 Feb 2017
Dub Steps is the 2015 Dinane Debut Fiction Award winner and the work of freelance writer, Andrew Miller. The title invokes curiosity and I was pleased to discover that my guess wasn’t too far off the mark. Dub Steps is a reference to the dub music ...

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Literary Awards:

Dinaane Debut Fiction Award, Winner (2015)

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