Tinariwen is a Tuareg group that performs a guitar-centric branch of Malian music that, to the untrained ear, is reminiscent of Ali Farka Touré's, but is far more rock-oriented and percussive. All of the band's musicians originate from the southern Sahara; the group's name, meaning "empty places," is a reflection of their land of origin. Despite ongoing political upheaval, the band reconvened in 2016 after touring behind Emmaar, to record their sixth studio album, Elwan.  

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1. Tiwàyyen
2. Sastanàqqàm
3. Nizzagh Ijbal
4. Hayati
5. Ittus
6. Ténéré Tàqqàl
7. Imidiwàn N-Àkall-In
8. Talyat
9. Assàwt
10. Arhegh Ad Annàgh
11. Nànnuflày
12. Intro Flute Fog Edaghan
13. Fog Edaghàn

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