Exotica Celestica is a collection of poems that celebrates the marriage of the physical and the spiritual. It seeks to capture the unique amalgam of human emotions through the lens of a compassionate celestial force. It is a poetic commentary on the emotional phases of mankind; anger, hate, sex, revenge, remorse, hopelessness, forgiveness, sacrifice, tolerance, inspiration, submission and love. It captures the joys and challenges of the mundane as is evident in everyday life, as much as it espouses the language of love both as a pure aspiration of the emotion and an expression of the carnal desires of the flesh. It heralds a yearning to understand the mystical as it exists as the unseen hand of the celestial in the affairs of mankind. It enquires; is the basis of pleasure in the expression of pure love a thread that connects us to the core of existence? Is the seminal love which burns in the heat of fleeting lust a mirror image of mankind as beings made in the full image of the Divine? Is our sensuality and sexuality not only facts of nature but actually the language of the Creator? Are we mere pawns in the game of life or beings in actual control of our destinies? This is a collection that explores the complexities of mankind in full awareness of the entirety of its faculties and its power therein.

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