Frequently Asked Questions

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The User Average Rating (User Avg.) is the calculated average score of users on a subject. The Critic Average Rating (Critic Avg.) is the average of all the professional critic score on a subject as calculated by CREETIQ. The Overall CREETIQ score is the summation of both the User Avg. and the Critic Avg. against their respective weight coefficients.

Yup! We solicit reviews and ratings from users on every subject of interest (music, movies, books and others). We believe that the users’ opinions should count towards influencing the score ratings received by the numerous subjects we have on CREETIQ. The CREETIQ score is a weighted average of both the professional critic’s scores and the users’ scores against their respective weight coefficient. You can see the average user scores by glancing at the USER SCORE to the right of the subject summary page on CREETIQ.

This “N/A” means “Not Available”.

Before the first review for a subject is received, we assign “N/A” which indicates that the scores are not readily available at that moment. After the first three (3) critic or user reviews are submitted for a subject, an average score would be assigned. Most times when we set “N/A” to a subject, the subject in review is a new movie, music, book or any other subject placed on CREETIQ.

As critics and users continue to add reviews to a particular subject (music, movie, book or others), the CREETIQ score is bound to change based on the frequency of their ratings. Also, since the CREETIQ score is basically an average score, it will fluctuate more if there are only a few reviews to begin with, and won’t change too much if there already are many reviews.

Note that we also list the number of reviews at the top of every subject page for our users to tell at a glance when more reviews have been added to a subject. We encourage users to frequent CREETIQ so as to have the most updated score for a subject.

Our sincere apologies. Since you didn’t place a rating on your review, our in-house editors studied your review and allocated a score to it in line with best practices.

If indeed you are not satisfied with the score, we advise that subsequently you assign a numerical score (1-10, or 1-5),  letter grade (A – F), or star rating to your reviews or you can write us on the subject matter and we would do well to get back to you.

Go figure!  😉

However, our formula follows standard mathematical and statistical principles. And we are constantly improving it to better our appraisal process.

Although we typically limit our search for critics in-house, the criteria we could use to evaluate your claim of becoming a critic on CREETIQ include but is not limited to;

  1. You must be well-regarded in the industry and are known for quality, unbiased reviews.
  2. You actually produce quality reviews (or, if not, are so influential in the industry that they have to be included).
  3. You have published a good quantity of reviews either on websites, social media or in print.

If you think you meet the criteria above, kindly send your profile to and we would get back to you.

Irrespective of this, your role as a user cannot be overly emphasized. Thus your opinion still counts on CREETIQ.

At CREETIQ, we moderate the subjects we post for reviews and ratings on our platform. Our staff comb the various spheres of our key subject areas to discover new contents for reviews and ratings. It could possibly take a while before we find your content let alone feature it on our platform.

To facilitate your content being featured on CREETIQ, you can visit our “Submit for Reviews” page. These submissions may be charged at a fixed rate. Note that payment for these reviews in no way influences opinions (either from CREETIQ or our critics) about your content or does it in any way amount to a biased rating and review.

We post new reviews as often as they are released. This could vary from daily to hourly based on the frequency at which these contents are published or as often as creatives want their contents published on our platform.

Due to the large volume of music released each year in Africa (the sheer number reaches over 10,000 unique titles per year) and the upward increase in indigenous African movies in cinemas, it is virtually impossible to cover and review every subject (even if we strive to do that eventually); thus, our subject for review is more selective. You can personally send in your here content for review and our editors would go through it to determine if it is eligible to be featured on CREETIQ in 24 – 72 hours (working days).

Reviews and ratings (either positive or negative) could help build critical buzz for your content among a community of elite influencers and their network of active followers. This is truly a valuable way to kick start and drive conversations about your work amongst those who truly matter in your industry.

The reason for this colour association is to give a picture of a subject’s performance at a glance. The colour green shows a score range of 7.0 – 10.0, orange colour ranges from 4.5 – 6.9 and the red colour indicates a range of 0.0 – 4.4.

To protect the integrity of the CREETIQ scoring process and user’s first opinion, it is currently impossible to change your rating or review after it has been successfully published on the CREETIQ platform.