Da L.E.S is set to release a new album titled "High Level" come September 29th.The album would feature music artistes such as Gemini Major, Manga Chief, Tay Grin, Khuli Chana, Tshego, G Baby Da Silva.  

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Digital Download, Standard CD


1. Option
2. Popular Demand
3. Exotic
4. Low (feat. Gemini Major & Manga Chief)
5. Something Else (feat. Maggz & Gemini Major)
6. Stay (feat. Tay Grin)
7. Taking No More (feat. Khuli Chana & Tshego)
8. Out of the Blue
9. Train Rides
10. Slow
11. Tunnel Vision
12. Water Whipping (feat. G Baby Da Silva)

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