Indigenous talented music act 9ice has released his eighth studio album which he titles "Id Cabasa". The album follows seven previous albums - "Certificate" (2007), "Gongo Aso" (2008), "Tradition" (2009), "Versus" (2011), "Bashorun Gaa" (2011), "Deluxe Version Versus & Bashorun Gaa" (2011), and "CNN/GRA" (2014). The singer has pre-released a couple of singles off the album such as 'Aunty', 'Olorunsogo', 'Economy' and recently 'Living things' among others.

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20 Mar 2017
I belong to the school of thought that believes 9ice is partly responsible for his decline. His foray into releasing double albums, in retrospect, was summarily shooting himself in the leg. His last release in 2014, the double album CNN/GRA was easil ...


20 Mar 2017
9ice and Id Cabasa made sweet music in the past. Their union produced 9ice’s magnum opus, Gongo Aso as well as a couple of other essential records of both their careers. Then the inevitable happened, their union collapsed and they both went their s ...

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ID Cabasa, DJ Coublon, Puffy Tee, Dapiano, Olumix, Krisbeat, Sammytex, Hit Factory, Tony Why


Digital Download, Standard CD


1. Glass House
2. Hadiza
3. Ojo
4. Alo
5. Living Things
6. Oh Baby
7. Oro
8. Aiye
9. Abefe
10. Mio Yo
11. Economy
12. Ogara
13. Beautifully Spoilt
14. Aunty
15. Olorunsogo
16. Aiye Familete
17. Sugar
18. ATM
19. Faaji
20. Lords Prayer

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