Leap of Faith is the debut LP of British born, Ghanaian producer and DJ Juls. The project features acts such as Kojo Funds, Eugy, Moelogo, Maleek Berry, Sona, Odunsi, Kojey Radical.

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Music in Africa

06 Jul 2017
Fans of African pop music may not realise it, but they owe Juls a debt of gratitude. As banker and part-time DJ/producer working in London, Juls had made a few songs, serviceable ones but nothing earth-shaking. One day his girlfriend suggested a redu ...

The Gab Wire

31 May 2017
Mr Eazi took over the Nigerian music industry with a barrage of hit singles. Eazi had the lighter, Juls brought the gasoline and together they lit a nationwide fire last year (Partners in arson, No? Okay). Juls’ production method of selective maxim ...

CulArt Blog

17 May 2017
Love is at the centre of Leap of Faith, the debut EP released by UK based Ghanaian producer, DJ Juls on 8th May. The meaning behind the EP title comes as a double entendre. First, it’s reflect a certain doubt in his crossing from a credible produce ...


11 May 2017
DJ Juls aka Juls was previously the guy who made Mr Eazi become a star. Layering the Nigerian singer’s vocals over his reinvented old Ghanaian highlife beats, he created a new star which has received near-global appeal based largely on their collab ...

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1. My Wave (feat. Sona & Odunsi The Engine)
2. Early (feat. Maleek Berry & Nonso Amadi)
3. Give You Love (feat. L.A.X)
4. TemperatureRising (feat. Kojey Radical)
5. After Six (feat. Tomi Agape & Santi)
6. Coco (feat. Odunsi The Engine & Santi)
7. Gwarn (feat. Burna Boy)
8. Mi Luv It (feat. Frass & Aod)
9. Bad (feat. Not3s, Kojo Funds & Eugy)
10. Eji Owuro (feat. Moelogo)

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