"Life is Eazi, Vol. 1 - Accra to Lagos" is a mixtape project of Nigerian musician and songwriter, Mr. Eazi. "Accra to Lagos" surfaces the root sounds, dialects, energy and styles from the two metropolitan hubs, which largely influences the artiste's music. It takes the listener on an aural journey from the one city to the next beginning with five tracks reflecting the Ghanaian capital, and eventually ending up with five destination tracks from Lagos.

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Life is Eazi (Music) 06 Jun 2017

I first got a whiff of the name Eazi around 2012. I had embarked on one of my many FIFA gaming sessions in a friend’s room in my university when I heard music playing from a laptop. Like I always do when I hear new music (that sounds good), I curio ...

Music in Africa

28 Apr 2017
Vibe. What does it mean? The word seemed to have slipped out of popular use, then Mr Eazi came on at the Jidenna Lagos concert and asked the crowd to join in. “Lets just vibe,” he said, his skinny torso and raffia hat conjoined in the Har ...


21 Mar 2017
Tosin Ajibade, the artiste better known as Mr Eazi was the toast of the past year. He scored moderately successful singles,- by himself and as a guest artiste,- and appeared on a good number of the big albums released in 2016. Life was so good he eve ...


17 Feb 2017
“Leg over, my baby gimme leg over…” That’s how this project starts. It’s a romance-filled mixtape that captures the very inspiration that has made Mr Eazi a hit in Nigeria, Ghana and other countries. Mr Eazi stumbled on his current supersta ...


17 Feb 2017
Mr. Eazi’s come-up story sounds methodical and purely accidental at the same time – the Ghanaian-Nigerian, who stumbled upon music superstardom after working as a show promoter and entrepreneur, hasn’t gotten carried away and has a 3 year exit ...

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Ekelly, Del B, Youngjon, Guiltybeats, Oteebeatz, Sarz, Adey, Rex Omar, Legendury Beatz, Masterkraft, Mel Vito, Killbeats, Maleek Berry, Kukbeat


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1. Leg Over
2. Business (Feat. Mugeez)
3. Tilapia (Feat. Medikal)
4. 2 People
5. Feelings
6. Fight (Feat. DJ Cuppy)
7. Accra to Lagos
8. Detty Yaself (Feat. Falz)
9. In the morning (Feat. Big Lean)
10. Short skirt (Feat. Tekno)
11. Life is Eazi (Feat. Olamide and Phyno)
12. My baby (Bonus track)
13. Right now (Bonus track)
14. Kpamurege (Bonus track)

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