Live and Die in Afrika is the third studio album by Kenyan afro-pop band Sauti Sol. It was released online on 21st November, 2015 under their imprint label Sauti Sol Entertainment as a self-produced work by Sauti Sol.

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Hapa Kenya

22 Mar 2017
I have been an ardent fan of Sauti Sol since the begin of their journey in music and I must say that I have loved how their music has evolved to become more mature and attract a more global audience. The journey from the launch of Mwanzo at the Natio ...


22 Mar 2017
Kenyan boy band Sauti Sol have finally released their highly anticipated 3rd studio album “Live and Die in Afrika” after teasing their fans with blurred images of the cover art a few days before the release. The album has been released off their ...

HBR 103.5FM

22 Mar 2017
By now you’ve heard that Kenyan pop sensations Sauti Sol dropped their hotly anticipated album Live and Die In Afrika yesterday (21st November); and judging from the responses online so far, the album has certainly struck a chord with their fans. W ...

22 Mar 2017
Finally! The third album from Sauti Sol (and my review) is here. And it is not only beautiful because the album is beautiful and classically done – in one of my favourite themes, the royalty of African people – and not just because you can get th ...

Music in Africa

22 Mar 2017
“Life is a party so put on your dancing shoes and get ready…” belts out Kenya’s leading Afro-pop group Sauti Sol in ‘Sambo Party’, one of the tracks on their new album Live and Die in Afrika. True to this call, the album puts together an ...

21 Mar 2017
Sauti Sol is arguably Kenya’s biggest music act at the moment. The quartet of Bien-Aimé, Chimano, Polycarp and Savara has been growing in leaps and bounds since their debut album Mwanzo in 2009. Their third studio album Live and Die in Africa was ...

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Sauti Sol, Kagwe Mungai, Cedric Kadenyi, Ulopa Ngoma


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1. Sura Yako
2. Live and Die in Afrika
3. Say Yeah
4. Isabella
5. It's Okay
6. Nishike
7. Dollar Dollar
8. Still the One
9. Kiss Me
10. Nerea (feat. Amos and Josh)
11. Kuliko Jana (feat. Aaron Rimbui)
12. Sambo Party
13. Nipe Nikupe
14. Shake Yo Bam Bam
15. Relax

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