Best friends Tevo (Richie Tevin) and Zizuke (Arnold Aganze) have just finished their university course in social sciences. Zizuke has a job as a waiter at a local bar, The Pearl (a bar on Jinja Main Street), and Tevo is pursuing his passion for photography. After being given a camera by Martha (Diane Vuletich), his new muzungu girlfriend, Tevo starts to look for ways he can make money from his work. And a chance meeting with Elizabeth (Poppy Spowage), a tourist who has come to see Gorillas in Uganda, provides him with just the answer. Tevo's photography swiftly becomes a pictorial N.G.O project that supports women and girls education in Masese a slum in Jinja. Zizuke joins him on his mission to set up a legitimate NGO but they quickly face some very real obstacles. In desperation, the boys call on successful NGO owner Mr. Heineken (Prince Okuyu), who soon becomes their mentor and shares his wisdom with them. The plan works and the funding comes through - giving them the care-free...

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Release Date:

October 29th, 2016 (Carthage Film Festival, Tunisia)

Executive Producer:

Derek Debru


Ali Musoke


Arnold Aganze


Ali Musoke

Production Designer:

Davidson Mugume


Bwayo Moses

Production Company:

Stone Age Pictures, Boutiq Foundation Production, Kampala Film School, Jaja Production





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