Nairobi is a modern East African city that is growing phenomenally, its real estate literally bursting at the seams with new residential, industrial and commercial settlements coming up every day. But it is also a crowded, overstretched city whose streets teem with young entrepreneurs. These entrepreneurs are either city-bred hustlers, eking out a living on the fringes of the city, or ambitious entrepreneurs who from the country side – filing in to the city daily, rushing to either cash in or strike new deals: the very epitome of a Capitalist African city where only the fittest survive. Nairobi Echoes is a collection of stories set in this bustling Metropolis. From the homeless street child, to the albino, to the wealthy merchant – all Nairobians’ destinies are tied together. Nairobi Echoes delves into the city’s bowels to paint a picture of its underworld which rarely makes it to the tourist postcards. It is a collection of stories about the human experience in the confined spaces of this once glorious ‘City in the Sun,’ that has since metamorphosed into a cut-throat hustlers’ paradise.

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