Odysseus is the fourth studio album of Nigerian Hiphop artiste and rapper, Jesse Jagz. Production for this project began on August 6th of 2014. Originally set for release in 2015, the album was pushed back by the rapper. But on March 18th 2017, in collaboration with ROG Music Africa and Escape night life, Jesse Jagz held an album preview session for fans and lovers of music in attendance. The album features guest artists like Nigerian RnB legends Styl Plus, Cynthia Morgan, Burna Boy, Melon and R2Bees.

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Music in Africa

17 Sep 2017
"He (Jesse Jagz) has not made a perfect album this time...but no other artist has made good music on his own terms album after album after album. In a world where greatness is nearly indistinguishable from hype, Jesse Jagz is the real deal." ...


11 Sep 2017
"Between the lyrical integrity and the failed attempts to fly, “Odysseus,” presents a conundrum. It’s not a project that provides enjoyment, neither does it do anything well enough to stand out." ...

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Jesse Jagz


Digital Download, Standard CD


1. Genesis
2. Dirty (feat. Hot Ice)
3. Best in You
4. Alright (feat. Styl-Plus)
5. Wide and Blue
6. Fine n Clean (feat. Cynthia Morgan)
7. Awake
8. Ghetto Youth (feat. Melon and R2Bees)
9. Rude Boys Quarters
10. Violation (feat. Burna Boy)

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