Tunis, summer 2010, a few months before the Revolution: Farah, 18 years-old, has just graduated and her family already sees her as a future doctor. But she doesn't think the same way. She sings in a political rock band. She has a passion for life, gets drunk, discovers love and her city by night against the will of her mother Hayet, who knows Tunisia and its dangers too well.

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The Village Voice

16 Mar 2017
“My country, oh my country, land of dust,” sings eighteen-year-old Farah (Baya Medhaffer) as stage lights halo her curls in blue. “Your gates are closed, and bring misfortune.” Following her alt-rock band through the capital&# ...

Film Inquiry

16 Mar 2017
Leyla Bouzid’s French-Tunisian drama goes above and beyond the traditional coming of age story, using one girl’s journey to adulthood to explore politics, revolution and state sanctioned violence. As I Open My Eyes, gaining international attentio ...

The Independent Critic

16 Mar 2017
Farah (Baya Medhaffar) is a young woman at a crossroads. Accepted to medical school, Farah struggles to keep her proud mother (Ghalia Benali) happy while continuing to pursue her real passion – music. With her underground band just beginning to ...


16 Mar 2017
How do you solve a problem like Farah? Principled, articulate but pig-headed, she is the whirlwind around whom Tunisian director Leyla Bouzid builds her remarkable debut feature. As I Open My Eyes is set in a very specific time and place: Tunis, summ ...

Screen Daily

16 Mar 2017
Taking place shortly before the Jasmine Revolution of 2010 which put an end to 33 years of dictatorship in Tunisia and led to the country’s first free elections, Leyla Bouzid’s fiercely committed debut should draw plenty of attention not only for ...

Roger Ebert

16 Mar 2017
American filmgoers who see new French films in movie theaters often encounter movies made by well-known directors and featuring established stars. Critics who experience the abundant offerings at international film festivals, though, often see anothe ...

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Release Date(s):

September 5, 2015 (Venice Film Festival, Italy)
September 15, 2015 (Toronto International Film Festival, Canada)
September 25, 2015 (Reykjavik International Film Festival, Iceland)
February 18, 2016 (Italian speaking region, Switzerland)
March 26, 2016 (Hong Kong International Film Festival, Hong Kong)
April 8, 2016 (Istanbul Film Festival, Turkey)
April 14, 2016 (Tribeca Film Festival, USA)
April 15, 2016 (Arabiske Filmdager, Norway)
April 21, 2016 (African Film Festival AfryKamera, Poland)
May 20, 2016 (Seattle International Film Festival, USA)
May 30, 2016 (Transilvania International Film Festival, Romania)
June 30, 2016 (East End Film Festival, UK)
July 3, 2016 (Karlovy Vary International Film Festival, Czech Republic)
July 29, 2016 (Melbourne International Film Festival, Australia)
August 16, 2016 (Sarajevo Film Festival, Bosnia and Herzegovina)
October 5, 2016 (Vancouver International Film Festival, Canada)
October 7, 2016 (Rio de Janeiro International Film Festival, Brazil)
November 11, 2016 (Ljubljana International Film Festival, Slovenia)
November 25, 2016 (Lux Movie Festival, Lithuania)
March 25, 2017 (Movies That Matter Festival, Netherlands)


Sébastien Goepfert


Leyla Bouzid, Marie-Sophie Chambon


Lilian Corbeille

Production Designer:

Raouf Hiloui


Ludovic Van Pachterbeke


Khyam Allami

Production Company:

Blue Monday Productions, Propaganda Production, Hélicotronc


Doc & Film International (World-wide) (theatrical), Kairos Filmverleih (Germany) (theatrical), Kino Lorber (USA) (theatrical) (subtitled), One from the heart (Greece) (theatrical), Shellac Distribution (France) (theatrical), Supo Mungam Films (Brazil) (theatrical), Supo Mungam Films (Brazil) (all media), trigon-film (Switzerland) (all media)


Arabic, French


102 minutes

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