Avery is the debut studio album by South African hip hop recording artist Emtee. The album was officially released on December 4, 2015.

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African Hip Hop Blog 03 Jan 2017

South African rapper, EmTee received a lot of co-signs from the likes of AKA, Burna Boy, Riky Rick and more, after his coming-out single “Roll Up”, which went to win Song of the Year at the 2015 South African Hip Hop Awards, went viral. AKA ended ...

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Emtee, Ruff, Tweezy, Bizz Boy


Digital Download, Standard CD


1. About Me
2. Feel Me Now
3. We Up
4. Dreams
5. Winning (featuring Nasty C)
6. Pray For Me
7. Mama
8. Ready
9. Roll Up
10. Pikipiki
11. Mamie Game
12. U Got It
13. Avery (featuring Nondumiso)
14. Where Were You
15. Ngeke (featuring Fifi Cooper)
16. Pearl Thusi
17. Five-O
18. Roll Up (Re-Up)(featuring Wizkid and AKA)

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