Black Matter is the debut album of Afrofuturistic musician and Lapetus Records signee, Fifi The RaiBlaster. It’s afrofuturistic from subject matter to the way it was put together. The production on Black Matter is monolithic, just like most projects Kanif has produced. The themes she covers on Black Matter range from astronomy, astrology, mythology and history. For example on a song like “ManMonkey,” the singer questions the concept of creation as we have been made to believe. The album consists of 15 tracks.

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Kanif The JhatMaster, Akasa455


Digital Download, Standard CD


1. Chasing Phases
2. Sun don't Shine
3. River of Love
4. Man Monkey
5. Black Matter
6. Portal Lines ft Yugen Blakrok
7. Hollow Moon_sirius A
8. Spell of Time
9. Calypsonics
10. Cold Man
11. No Fire No Water
12. Gold Dream
13. Timbuktu_sirius B
14. Stay Gray
15. Star Colonies

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