1960 is the debut studio album of Nigerian recording artist Eva Alordiah, released on 13th of September 2016, by WOLTRK. She released War is coming featuring Sir Dauda as the lead single from the album. The music video for War is coming was directed by Mex.

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26 Dec 2016
Eva’s debut album 1960 has experienced more delays than an afternoon flight on Arik Air headed for a small city but her Alordians have stood by their woman every step of the way. Emboldened by their loyalty, the rapper has embarked on one of the mo ...


26 Dec 2016
It’s hard not to approach Eva Alordiah’s album without dealing with the elephant in the room; This album came too late. There’s been an age of announcements, delays, heartbreaks, failed dates, loss of attention and bile, all for one album. It t ...

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Tin Tin, Gray Jon'z


1. That Talking To Myself Bullsh!t
2. Mbali ft. Yemi Alade
3. Deaf and Dumb ft. Olamide x Sarkodie
4. For My Momma
5. Kanayo ft. Phyno x Reminisce
6. Yaba
7. Pretty
8. Sweet Little Girl
9. Woman ft. Femi Kuti
10. Dance With You ft. Darey
11. War coming ft. Sir Dauda
12. Tell Me
13. Deaf

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