For You is the debut album of Nigerian producer, songwriter and musical artiste, Cobhams Asuquo. The producer has been instrumental in the production of critically acclaimed albums of artistes such as Bez and Asa. The album, For You, comprises of 14-tracks featuring Grammy, Stellar and Dove award-winning producer Aaron Lindsey, Claire Hendershot and Chocolate City Music artiste, Nosa.

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Daily Times

15 Sep 2017
"The songs are soothing and wash over the most difficult sceptics if not with the skill of the songwriting,-so subtle, it is near unmissable,- then with the quality of production and detailed attention to craft." ...

20 Mar 2017
When life offers you lemons, you grab some tools and get the lemonade out. Cobhams Asuquo was dealt a hand by life – he was visually impaired. But despite that impediment, he has turned up gold via music. One of the first Nigerians to sign a deal w ...

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Cobhams Asuquo, Aaron Lindsey


Digital Download, Standard CD


1. Make Our Hearts
2. Here It Is
3. Highly Lifted (feat. Aaron Lindsey)
4. No One (feat. Nosa)
5. Oh How I Love (feat. Clare Hendershot)
6. Let Your Kingdom Come
7. For You
8. More of You
9. Glorious Deliverer
10. Here I Am
11. Ordinary People
12. Eyin Sa
13. Praise to the Lord (feat. Clare Hendershot)
14. Angels All Around

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