Gold is the debut studio album of Nigerian recording artist Adekunle Gold, released on 28 July 2016, by YBNL Nation. Prior to its release, three songs were released off the album; "Sade", "Orente" and "Pick Up" being his breakthrough singles.

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Music in Africa

19 May 2017
Adekunle Gold’s music is the alternative version of a genre that hasn’t been mainstream in two decades. His voice and language are reminiscent of 9ice, the hip hop artist who took Yoruba—not the easily digestible version of the streets of Lagos ...

02 Jan 2017
For the second half of 2016, there are three albums whose anticipation has reached fever pitch. These albums are deemed to bring back the feeling of euphoria that good music brings. One of them is Adekunle Gold’s (also known by his government name ...


02 Jan 2017
Adekunle Gold – Gold album review: The Adekunle Gold grass-to-grace story is what passes for the Nigerian Dream these days. Instead of expecting a direct reward for hardwork, dedication or perseverance that may never materialize, the average Nigeri ...


02 Jan 2017
2016 has been a great year for Adekunle Gold. He’s enjoyed continued success since he burst on the scene with his cover of One Direction’s “Story of My Life”, Sade. The joint marked him out as different from the norm, self-effacing and vulner ...

02 Jan 2017
Gold firmly seals Adekunle Gold’s place in the Nigerian music scene as he releases a stellar debut with Urban Afro-Highlife live instrumentation as it’s forte. It won’t be far from the truth to say that Adekunle Gold has had to overcome several ...


02 Jan 2017
Amidst mild anticipation, Adekunle Gold, I want to believe tentatively if not meekly, released his debut album, the reason for this move, I am yet to understand. Like every fan, I waited for a friend to get the album [in this case, My company buying ...

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Seyikeyz, Oscar, Pheelz, B Banks, Sleekamo, Masterkraft, Fiokee (Guitars), Femi Leye (Guitars), Brume (Bass Guitars), Biyi (Bass Guitars), Alaba (Percussions), Victor Ademofe (Horns), Segun Atoyebi (Horns)


1. Gold (Intro)
2. My life
3. Beautiful night
4. Orente
5. Nurse alabere
6. Friend zone
7. Paradise
8. No forget ft. Simi
9. Pick up
10. Work
11. Temptation
12. Ariwo ko
13. Fight for you
14. Ready
15. Sweet me
16. Sade (Bonus)

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