Patty Monroe's debut album "Malatjie" released on January 2017, debuted at Number 4 on the iTunes Hip Hop Slaes Chart. The 15-track album has production credits from Sketchy Bongo, Chopstix, Bushington to mention a few. The album features acts like Ameen Harron and Bebe Cool.  

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Sketchy Bongo, Chopstix, Bushington, Muzi, Ameen Harron, Deemoand Psyc


Digital Download, Standard CD


1. All I Got
2. For You
3. Castles
4. Show You
5. Killin' It (feat. Bebe Cool)
6. Oh Na Na
7. To the Top (feat. Ameen Harron)
8. Messi
9. Talk
10. Stay Focused
11. Good Girl
12. Momma
13. Reminiscing
14. Fighter (feat. Caleb Williams)
15. Whiskey Sours

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