MC Galaxy has released his anticipated sophomore album, "Money Making Machine (MMM)". The 14-track album features Swizz Beatz, Sarkodie, Neza and Kelli Pyle, Serge Beynaud with production credits from Swizz Beatz, Musicman TY, Mastercraft, Spellz, Krizbeatz, Dj Coublon and T.Spice.

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30 Apr 2017
Remember that popular Ponzi scheme of 2016 that capitalized on the desperation of recession hit Nigerians to scam people and disappear with cash from over 3 million Nigerians which ran into a whooping N18 billion? Well we have that again happening ri ...

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DJ Coublon, Musicman TY, Swizz Beatz, Mastercraft, Spellz, Krizbeatz, T. Spice, Dorivaldo Mix, Micon, Serge Beynaud, Pimp, EMX, Young D, Kuvie


Digital Download, Standard CD


1. Intro Comedy Skit (feat. Kenny Blaq)
2. I Pray
3. Love is Beautiful (feat. Neza)
4. Dio
5. Chap Chap (feat. Neza)
6. Selemose (feat. Neza)
7. Comedy Skit (feat. Nedu)
8. Pululu (feat. Preto, Bebucho & Dorivaldo Mix)
9. Rain Rain (feat. Neza)
10. Swag on Em (feat. Kelli Pyle & Musicman TY)
11. Sererina
12. Shupe
13. Ultra
14. Shengene
15. Your Love
16. Go Gaga (feat. Sarkodie)
17. Sekem (Remix) [feat. Swizz Beatz]
18. Bounce It (Remix) [feat. Beniton]

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