We all want to cherish moments in time that spoke to us and resonated with our lives, hoping to etch the memory into our minds and hearts and carry it with us for as long as we can. Nostalgia was written in an attempt to do just that. It captures the slow pace of change that is usually missed in a blink of an eye. In anecdotal pieces, poems of encounters in coffee houses and messages to friends as a way to show much more than just what was and a desire of what could have been. Nostalgia is a combination of short profound poems and intensely long ones that gives a sneak peek into the mind of the poet. The poet uses everyday events and stuff to juxtapose the emotions that takes the reader into different space and time as they scramble for their own existence and realities. The beauty of this book is that it does not try to answer questions but rather posits scenarios and circumstances that seek for further questions and introspection. As much as it is personal, it is communal in its quest to look for a convergence point for each reader.

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