Sibusile Xaba carries forth the Maskandi / Mbaqanga tradition of the KwaZulu Natal midlands, from where he originates. Steeped in the lineage of Zulu guitar giant Madala Kunene (Sibusile’s first mentor) & warrior chants of vocal master, Shaluza Max, he not only owns these influences, but pushes the envelope as only a maestro with a keen ear for the future does. Open Letter to Adoniah is one-half of Sibusile Xaba's debut album.

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Rhythm Passport

08 Jan 2018
"The shape of great, memorable music takes time to emerge. For the artist, it comes as an epiphany; for the listener, a marvel. In other words, music that will speak to the condition of humans, of a time beautifully will come uninvited to suddenly ha ...

The Observer UK

23 Jul 2017
"Of the two albums here, Unlearning and Open Letter to Adoniah, the latter is his response to a series of dreams and often as unworldly and haunting as that suggests." ...

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Sibusile Xaba, Thabang Tabane, Moahanganai Magagula


Digital Download, Standard CD


1. Open Letter To Adoniah
2. Wampona
3. Emazulwini
4. Sibongile : Tribute to the Mother (Reprise)
5. Nomaphupho
6. Angisenalutho
7. Nyanda Yeni (Interlude)
8. Swaziland
9. Liyabukwa
10. Inkululeko (Reprise)

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