Lana and May are a very long way from home. Their Nigerian parents have emigrated to England in search of a better life for their family. Nineteen Fifties London is a great adventure to the girls but not always welcoming. There are signs in windows of lodging houses warning: 'no blacks, no dogs, no Irish'. When tragedy strikes and the girls lose their father, their mother is unable to cope. When she fails to recover from the surprise birth of another child all three girls are sent to an orphanage. Lana is determined to keep her sisters together but when baby Tina gets adopted, she must admit their family is about to be torn apart – perhaps for ever...

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Reading the Past

23 Sep 2017
"Orphan Sisters by Lola Jaye, a compelling saga about a family of Nigerian heritage in '50s London. Spanning three decades, Lola Jaye’s Orphan Sisters is an addictive, emotionally fulfilling read that focuses on a topic – black history – too ra ...

Sparkling Magpie

12 Sep 2017
"Beautifully written, the story is empathetic and caring to the plight of the Cole family. Drawing upon black political and social history in 1950s England, Jaye tackles issues such as systemic racism and failures within social services head on..." ...

It Takes A Woman

20 Sep 2017
"Like most of these nostalgia titles, there is an uplifting ending to this book, but it is handled well and not schmaltzy. The whole book, in fact is very well written and although it deals with difficult subject matter, it is never overtly depressin ...

Melan Mag

17 Nov 2017
"...Jaye tells a compelling and powerful story, highlighting the flaws in the care system, and how isolated “looked after” children and young people are." ...

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September 21, 2017


Ebury Press





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