Odunsi is the engine in the nascent alte scene. On his debut full-length album, the Naija singer draws from ‘80s and ‘90s pop culture as well as personal reflections, with guests like Nasty C and Santi adding their magic. “It’s my time, and nobody can tell me nothing”, sings Odunsi over the dreamy, keyboard-infused title track. And with songs like “take me there” and its pulsating bass chords, a collab with Davido on “divine” and the funky percussive rhythm of “outcast”—where he recounts a life that has taken him from high-school dropout to rising star—it’s hard to disagree with his claim.

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Music in Africa

22 Oct 2018
"For now, what can be said about the man is that while his debut album doesn't quite live up to its title, in terms of the bigger picture of Nigerian music, that doesn’t mean you can’t rock to his collection of sounds." ...


16 Oct 2018
"With the right chemistry of honest naked emotions and measured portions of the bliss of nostalgia and the racy excitement of uncertainty, few artists are able to hypnotize listeners. On rare. Odunsi The Engine does just that." ...


15 Oct 2018
"rare. is filled with songs outside the paradigm of today's pop sound, they are Odunsi (The Engine) ideas come to life, a brilliant testament to his revivalist mindset." ...

Radr Online

12 Oct 2018
"rare. is a wholesome debut... Odunsi doesn’t deliver a project satisfying every music taste, which is almost always seen as an ineffective approach; like on “divine” and “express”. This does not take away anything from rare. as it manages ...

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Odunsi, Le Mav, Genio Bambino, Hvrry, Davido, Krs, Nosapollo, Yinoluu


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1. rare
2. falling
3. take me there (feat. Hamzaa)
4. outcast
5. divine (feat. Davido)
6. wanted you
7. angel (feat. Duendita)
8. take a break
9. express (feat. Santi & Nasty C)
10. dance floor
11. star signs (feat. Runtown)
12. green light (feat. Tay Iwar)
13. hectic (feat. 234Jaydaa, Amaarae & Solis)
14. Alté Cruise (feat. Santi & Zamir Los)

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