The African Gentleman is an album by Nigerian RnB singer and songwriter, Ric Hassani. The 11 track album was produced by Doron Clinton and Jay Sleek. It features both Nigerian and non Nigerian artists including Cabo Snoop. The album explores a multitude of sounds and infuses local African percussion instruments like the Log drum, Shekere as well as acoustic instruments, and string orchestra instruments like the violin, viola, cello, double bass, and Flute. The album was released on the 31st of August 2017.

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Music in Africa

14 Sep 2017
"Ric Hassani may not be quite as smooth in attracting a large pop audience, but he should be fine. To be a gentleman, after all, is to possess a practised contentment." ...

01 Sep 2017
"Hassani’s voice is the real star of this album. Every song on the album seems to have been crafted around the strengths of Hassani’s vocals, raspy but soothing... The guitar heavy body of work is a welcome change from the usual layered, bass-hea ...

31 Aug 2017
"Ric Hassani sets a solid blueprint for love expression in “The African Gentleman". Hassani shows that letting out your emotions as a man does not make you any less, but rather brings to completeness the essence of a man." ...

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Doron Clinton, Jay Sleek


Digital Download, Standard CD


1. Gentleman
2. Police
3. Sing
4. Believe
5. Number One
6. Marry You
7. Beautiful to Me
8. Sweet Mother (feat. Mumba Yachi)
9. Oge Na Ga (feat. Cabo Snoop, Xcellente & Mr. Nomsy)
10. Only You
11. As Long as You Love Me

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