Kato Change’s debut album draws from his experiences as a young artist in Africa, with his sights set on the World. From silky vocals and stellar African instrumentals, thumping rhythms and mellow sounds, each collaborating artist’s perspective shines through as they join him on his musical journey. The album starts out with an acoustic sound, slowly building in vocals and instruments, and as it progresses, aspects of house music are introduced to the steady African rhythms. It concludes by blending in an alternative piece.

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Kenyan Poet

09 Jun 2016
The Change Experience is the gift we all received on the December of 2015. The art on the album is truly inspirational to the African movement and the sounds and languages you hear when you press play makes us want to kiss Mama Africa. By then, we ha ...

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Kato Change, Jaaz Odongo, Wanyoike Kimani, Joel Hamilton


Digital Download, Standard CD


1. Dawn (Acoustic)
2. Aparo (With Lisa Oduor-Noah)
3. Dream Awake (With Karun Mungai)
4. Mr. Music Man (With Lisa-Oduor-Noah and Owuor Arunga)
5. African Woman (With Aaron Rimbui)
6. Kofingagate (With Parfum Zola and Kayode Kuti)
7. My Africa (With Rigga)
8. Stakato (With Lisa Oduor-Noah and Jaaz Odongo)
9. Abiro (With Winyo) [feat. Winyo and jaaz Odongo]
10. Stakato Foozak Remix (With Lisa Oduor-Noah and Jaaz Odongo)
11. Fortress (With Wanja Wohoro)

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