The Glory (Street Tape) is the sixth studio album of Nigerian rapper, Olamide. The album contains 15 songs and 1 bonus single "2Baba Zone". It also features other Nigerian artistes  such as ‘Wande Coal, Phyno, Burna Boy, So Sick, Akuchi and YBNL’s new rapper Davolee’. The album was released under the imprint of his record label, YBNL Nation.

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19 Feb 2017
Another year, another Olamide album. And how we’ve come to love them. It is a testament to the YBNL boss’ considerable influence and unimpeachable street credibility that for the last five years, end of year celebrations cannot be considered comp ...


02 Feb 2017
The calendar can read January anything all it wants but if Olamide hasn’t released a new album, has the previous year really ended? The Glory came in later than usual, by Olamide’s timely standards, the album was unboxed a day after Christmas 201 ...

02 Feb 2017
We’ve had his state of the Hip-hop addresses, both before he blew up and became this rap behemoth and after he claimed the rap throne. We’ve had his struggle through the years as a young man trying to survive the streets. We have had piercing rec ...


02 Feb 2017
Visibility, remains the most important criteria when it comes to rap. Your ability to ensure you are being seen, heard and felt, can not be overlooked but again visibility lacking the strength to keep your fans interested, is outright poo. Why waste ...

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DWill, Pheelz, HOD, Young Jonn, Sossick, Paul Clever Lee, Major Bangz, 2Kriss, Shizzi, Bbanks (Mixing and Mastering)


Digital Download, Standard CD


1. The Glory Intro
2. Letter to Milli
3. Journey of a Thousand Miles
4. Undergound ft. Akuchi
5. Pepper Dem Gang ft. Davolee
6. Lori Titi Yi
7. Grind ft. So. Sick
8. Woyo
9. Be Mine
10. Oluwa Loni Glory
11. Omo Wobe Anthem ft. Burna Boy
12. Owo Blow
13. Symbol of Hope
14. Who You Epp ft. Wande Coal & Phyno
15. Sons of Anarchy ft. Burna Boy & Phyno
16. 2Baba Zone (Bonus Track)

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