September 10th, 1974, Guinea-Bissau, a small country in Western Africa, achieves its independence. Hundreds of European volunteers move to the country, chasing their dreams of a better world. Those were years of enthusiasm and idealism, when the building of a socially just nation in Africa was a dream within reach. Time passed and those dreams were hit by the reality of political instability and turmoil. Most of the volunteers returned home, but the bittersweet memories of their lost paradise remain as vivid as the day they left. The Vanished Dream is a story about a time when changing Africa and the world seemed possible.

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Release Date(s):

May 12, 2016 (Wales International Documentary Festival, UK)
July 2, 2016 (The African Film Festival of Dallas, USA)
September 28, 2016 (Muestra Internacional de Documentales de Bogota, Colombia)
November 12, 2016 (Arusha African Film Festival, Antigua and Barbuda)
January 22, 2017 (Peloponnisos International Doc Film Festival, Greece)
January 31, 2017 (MiradasDoc, Spain)


Dirk Royaards


Victor Giner


Juan Betancor

Production Assistant:

Verónica Cano, Lucia di Troia, Braima Mané


Juanma Benavides


Héctor González

Production Company:

Siddhartha Films, Molenwiek Films


English, Portugese, Dutch, Serbian, Creole, French


77 minutes

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