Two times a week, a train passes a tiny, remote village in a desert in Burkina’s bush. Various food items and water bottles are thrown by passengers in transit. This would constitute the main source of income and the only source of water during the dry season for this village. Portraits follow the lives of some of its inhabitants, young and old. The older generation have known only a life servitude to France and the younger generation dream of distant horizons.

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Release Date(s):

Incorrect Festival (July 2016, Mexico)
Przeglad Filmów Dokumentalnych (March 2016, Poland)
Colortape International Film Festival (March 2016, Australia)
Digital Griffix Film Festival (Montréal, Canada, Avril 2015)
Los Angeles Cinefest (Los Angeles, USA, Avril 2015)
NotteAfrica (Palerme, Italie, Octobre 2015)
Cinéma Vérité - Iran International Film Festival (Téhéran, Iran, December 2015)
Västerås Film Festival (Sweden, Novembre 2015)
Sample of Documentaries The Image of the South (Andalousie, Espagne, Novembre 2015)
Tunja International Film Festival (Tunja, Colombie, Novembre 2015)
Filmmaker International Film Festival (Malaga, Spain, December 2015)
35ème FIFAM, International Film Festival of Amiens (Amiens, France, Novembre 2015)


Nicolas Canton, David Capsir


Simon Panay


David Capsir


Christelle Guedou




25 minutes

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