A compelling novel about a young woman’s life in a harrowing Nigerian world of human trafficking and prostitution. Sarah House will stay with you long after you finish reading this testament to the resilience of the human spirit. Nita wakes up in a dark world very different from the life of opportunities promised to her by Slim, the man she loved and trusted to take her away from the small town in Opobo in Nigeria. Soon she realises she is a slave, bought and sold without her consent and forced into a life of prostitution and sleazy strip clubs. Every day Nita walks a tightrope of survival surrounded by vicious pimps and thugs. She meets Tega, a fellow slave lured into prostitution by Slim; she is sold to Madam, who runs Sarah House and makes money from young women and children; she finds favour with Chief, an influential politician who provides protection for Madam’s illicit business; and she must survive Lothar, a renegade porn film maker. Life in this nightmare world gets more complicated when Nita meets young Damka and is approached by a police detective working undercover. When Damka disappears and Nita discovers the child’s bloodied clothes in a room in Sarah House, she knows she has to work with the police in spite of the dangers to her own life.

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16 Apr 2014
Modern day slavery. Not the old time version where human beings were grabbed on African coasts and sent to pick cotton or to farm sugar in the New World. This new slavery is a different animal. Anyone who have been watching CNN in the last few years, ...

Journalism iziko

16 Jul 2013
A lot of crimes are happening in the creeps of the darkness. The law has been infiltrated by mobs and cults and no longer protects the innocent and the poor. This novel, Sarah House, by Ifeanyi Ajaegbo, brings to light what happens in the veiled and ...

It's a Book Thing

11 Jul 2012
There is always one book that claws its way deep into your heart. You sit back and wonder “Why this book?” Ifeanyi Ajaegbo is an award winning Nigerian author; winning the 2005 African Region Prize for the Commonwealth Short Story Competition. Hi ...

Writers Write

14 May 2012
What needs to be mentioned, primarily, is that this book, which has a female protagonist, was written by a male author. He highlights the abuse of women who are used only as commodities to be bought and sold: young girls become sex slaves of pimps, t ...

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Literary Awards:

Nigeria Prize Nominee for Literature (2012)

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