With her 3rd full-length, Muthoni Drummer Queen gives the “Motown formula” a truly post-Millenial makeover. The 11-song-deep concept LP, simply titled SHE, is the perfect cross-over record – packed to the brim with soul-nourishing hits. It’s a long-player that manages to distill the best from the rich spectrum of contemporary Afro-Diasporic sound to create an infectious, club and radio-friendly hybrid. This is intelligent, timeless Pop music written to celebrate the beauty, strength, innovation and resilience of African women.

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Kenyan Collective

08 Mar 2018
"‘SHE’ is a timeless embodiment of strength, perserverance, love, beauty, freedom and the resilience of an African woman – especially one who has of late been feeling a tad bit out of place in her richness and the ability to conquer the world!" ...

Okay Africa

08 Mar 2018
"MDQ's new concept album is a true Afro-feminist record and a victory for herself and Kenyan music in general... 'She' Is A Spirited Celebration of Womanhood from different perspectives." ...

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Greg “GR!” Escoffey, Jean "HOOK" Geissbuhler


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1. Million Voice
2. Kenyan Message
3. Suzie Noma
4. Lover
5. Dear Mathilde
6. Caged Bird
7. No More
8. Criminal
9. Squad Up
10. Time Bomb
11. Elevate
12. Make It Right

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