In one winter night, I shivered painfully and wished for warmth. I wish my Mother had warm blankets to offer me then. In one rainy day without an umbrella, I wished for a rainbow to carry me towards the end of the world, where sun rays seemingly gathered for me. I love shooting stars; they allow me to whisper things I cannot say loudly to anyone. Without shooting stars, I stare at the moon and wait for the morning sun. I adore the morning sun, and the hope she carries ‘Stories from the Sun’ is a series of experiences collected at the break of dawn. These are pieces of warmth, love and light written to inspire, to share, to teach and to question. These are stories of an unending pilgrim compiled on different on tours in and around Africa. They are gathered from conversation with a lover, a single mother and a growing street child. Stories from the sun are a prayer of courage from a girl trying to find herself through her own eyes. They are remains of a voice that refuses to be caged for long, a candle stick of hope from me, to you and yours.

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