Sabato Rabato aka Soni Dike is a Lagos big boy; a criminal turned grandee, with a beautiful wife, a sea-side mansion and a questionable fortune. Then one day he disappears and his car is found in a ditch, music blaring from the speakers. Soni’s older brother, Abel Dike, a teacher, arrives in Lagos to look for his missing brother. Abel is rapidly sucked into the unforgiving Lagos maelstrom where he has to navigate encounters with a motley cast of common criminals, deal with policemen all intent on getting a piece of the pie, and contend with his growing attraction to his brother’s wife. Carnivorous City is a story about love, family and just desserts but it is above all a tale about Lagos and the people who make the city by the lagoon what it is.

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26 Jul 2017
Now and then, readers find themselves going through varying tastes when it comes to African literature. We have seen the eyes of book enthusiasts tilting towards narratives bordering on the historical or exploring themes that have to do with the dias ...

The Lit Yard

04 May 2017
First of all, I am a huge fan of Toni Kan. Have been right from his days at Hints, when I religiously read his column week after week. Hints magazine was my guilty pleasure and I would indulge in my favorite writers; Helon Habila, Toni Kan and even C ...

My Mind Snaps

23 Mar 2017
When Igoni Barret wrote BlackAss, he set the bar high for any writer looking to depict the city of Lagos in a story. In BlackAss, Lagos throbbed, hummed and sparkled in every line you read. The story about the Lagosian who woke up one morning and fou ...

21 Jan 2017
In the latter part of 2016, the African literary scene was embroiled in a conversation that drew on whether African writers should describe or define indigenous words. This led to a drawn-out conversation about who the African writer has in mind as h ...

The Crime Review

26 Dec 2016
Soni Dike, a criminal who has ‘made it’, becoming rich with an exclusive house, fantastic cars and beautiful wife suddenly disappears. His car is found in a ditch, the music still playing. Soni’s brother Abel gets the call, and he comes to Lago ...

Guardian Life

26 Dec 2016
Time would surely pass but Lagos would forever be my New York. The city with bright lights if the inhabitants pleased PHCN, the city where anyone can make it even if they came on an ABC night bus from Onitsha. Lagos my Lagos has been captured so aptl ...

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Publish Date:

October 3rd, 2016


Cassava Republic Press (Nigeria)





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