The Last Time I Tried is the debut album of Dove award winning producer and songwriter, Dáramólá. This album builds on his earlier mixtape project Nothing Really Matters 1 of 2. The album is a 13-track album, in which Dáramólá channels his experiences, thoughts and religious convictions. Asides producing some songs from the album, other production credits are due to Juice Bangers, Nathan Foster, Youngsidechain and Ezekiel Olaleye.

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The Last Time I Tried ...

06 Jun 2017
We are victims of an industry where pop music is king and every other sound takes a background, with majority of the lyrics bordering on sex and carnality. So when I discover a new talent seeking to break from the norm, there is a swell of excitement ...

The Last Time I Tried ...

06 Jun 2017
Crafting a proper debut album can be tricky especially when it’s the first project to be released by an artist. A lot of careers become negatively steeped if the quality of a debut album is poor. It is advisable these days that an artist release so ...

10 Apr 2017
Daramola is out with his debut album “The Last time I tried”, building on his earlier mixtape project “Nothing Really Matters 1 of 2”. The gifted vocalist drops a 13-track album, in which he channels his experiences, thoughts ...

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Daramola, Juice Bangers, Nathan Foster, Youngsidechain, Ezekiel Olaleye


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1. Maria's Intro
2. T.L.T.I.T
3. Palmgrove Estate
4. Someone to Love
5. Dream (feat. Karen Inder)
6. Tuwaraya Mama
7. Make Me Better
8. I Used To
9. Traffic (Interlude)
10. Fake Friends
11. Fight for You
12. Lotto
13. Jesus Lives in my House

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