Unmasked is the debut album of South African producer, Sketchy Bongo. The 14-track album featured many South African rapper, producers and singers in the album including Gemini Major, Shekhinah, Aewon Wolf. The album was released under the imprint of Ultra Music in 2017.

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10 Apr 2017
Over the past two years, Sketchy Bongo cemented himself as one of the most creative and successful producers in South Africa. His futuristic approach and ability to think outside the box has helped him take the work of artists he has worked with and ...

Quench SA

10 Apr 2017
Sketchy Bongo is without a shred of doubt one of South Africa’s most talented music production virtuosos. And after a run making waves and churning out summer smash hits with the likes of Shekhinah, AKA, Da L.E.S, Aewon Wolf and Jimmy Nevis amongst ...

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Sketchy Bongo


Digital Download, Standard CD


1. Blast From The Past (feat. Shekhinah)
2. Walk On The Clouds (feat. TRESOR)
3. Having Fun (feat. WTF & Aewon Wolf)
4. Love Me In The Dark (feat. Kaien Cruz)
5. Blue Moon (feat. Locnville)
6. Don't Leave (feat. Cara Frew)
7. Trust Me (Kyle Deutsche)
8. Get Right (feat. Sheen Skaiz)
9. 123 (feat. Deemo)
10. The Bounce (feat. Pound & Gemini Major)
11. Furaha Lakini Makini (feat. Gemini Major & Aewon Wolf)
12. Simnandi (feat. Patzin)
13. Let You Know
14. Back To The Beach (feat. Kyle Deutsche & Shekinah)

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