Nyana Kakoma



Nyana Kakoma is a Ugandan writer, editor and blogger on Sooo Many Stories, a blog that showcases Ugandan Literature. Her short stories have been published in The Suubi Collection Pg 30 as Hellen Nyana, Jalada: Just Because You Did Not Win, The Caine Prize Anthology 2013 (Chief Mourner) and the Storymoja blog.


Date: 16 May 2017 Category: Books
10.0 Rating
When upcoming writers like me hear that Jennifer Nansubuga Makumbi started writing Kintu in 2003, we despair. We reach into that part of our brain that always doubts that we will make it at this writing thing and we confirm that we will not if writing a novel takes that long. Until we read Kintu and realise that such a brilliant piece of writing could never have been rushed. Kintu (Kwani Trust, 2014) tells a story that spans from 1750 pre-colo ...