Joy Watson


South Africa

Joy Watson is a feminist researcher and writer. She has been active in the feminist sector for twenty years now, even though she feels like a twelve-year old much of the time. She has grand aspirations of using her writing to overthrow institutionalised patriarchy. At times, this has led to exciting things such as her research being used as the basis for a television documentary. At other times, she sits on the couch and bemoans the fate of the world. This has happened a lot since Donald Trump became President in the US. Joy writes an online feminist column for Elle South Africa as part of an ideological crusade to win over followers for feminism. Joy is currently doing her PHD in Political Studies and learning lots of lovely things.

Always Another Country: A Memoir of Exile and Home

Date: 02 Oct 2017 Category: Books
8.0 Rating
Sisonke Msimang’s book “Always Another Country” is a memoir, a striking narrative of growing up in exile. The book is a poignant reflection on how we construct identity in different temporal and societal spaces. At a young age, Msimang’s father went underground as an ANC cadre and became part of a group of recruits who were to join the military wing of the ANC. He was sent into exile, under strict instructions to tell no-one, not even his ...