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A blogger, writer and social media observer, Joel Benjamin Ntwatwa believes in the use of information to create a culture that is socially conscious and aware of its potential. Experienced in good social media practices he curated #UgBloggers7Days which was an online blogging challenge for Ugandans on blogger. He is a lead in the online Ugandan blogging community, UgBloc.

We Are All Blue

Date: 15 Jan 2016 Category: Books
9.0 Rating
Someone tell Donald Molosi, he needs a Ugandan name. Perhaps Musisi, like an earthquake -a bold shaker of things. And perhaps this is not too far from the ideals he passes on in the two plays in “We Are All Blue”. He is African, yet he is not just African, he is a citizen of the world. There is a deliberately Pan-African focus to the two plays, yet there is a grounded respect for home, Botswana, a dwelling in it. ...


Date: 16 May 2017 Category: Books
8.0 Rating
Is this how Nigerians felt when “Things Fall Apart” or “No Longer at Ease” were released? Is it how the Kenyans felt when “Carcase for Hounds” or “The River Between” were released? When you ask Google what famous Ugandan novels she knows, she will give you ten names. Only ten names as opposed to the twenty plus of Nigeria or Kenya. One of these ten is Kintu. I can understand why. For much of the books written by African writ ...