Victims of Greed is an inspiring tale of political and economic immigrants. It is a tale of loss, migration, xenophobia and death, is also a story of love, hope courage and survival. It will take you through an emotional rollercoaster as you follow Jabu – a township dweller in Zimbabwe who embarks on a long and perilous journey from his hometown to South Africa – in search for a better life. Jabu is daunted by the hardships of his township: his mother abandons him soon after giving birth to him, and his father – an outspoken political critic then flees persecution in Zimbabwe just before Jabu completes secondary school, leaving Jabu behind to face a life of uncertainty, fear and hunger. Yet Jabu decides to embark the same journey to Johannesburg. Running from a country which he calls “Deviland” as it is run by politicians who he sees as cannibals who have betrayed their own people. Jabu travels south from his home in hope of reaching Johannesburg and reuniting with his mother and father. Joeman Machina gives a face to Zimbabwe’s migrant crisis and through the eyes of Jabu, readers experience the pain and daily difficult choices he must make for the sake of survival.

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