Set in Mozambique in 1975, in the immediate aftermath of the country’s war of independence, Virgin Margarida tells the story of a group of female sex workers who are captured by revolutionary soldiers and sent deep into the countryside to be ‘re-educated.’ They soon encounter Maria João, the tough-as-nails officer in charge of the programme. Although she is driven by idealism, she is also willing to subject her prisoners to terrible abuse. But in spite of their suffering, members of the group take it upon themselves to look out for Margarida, a 16 year-old who stands falsely accused of prostitution, and who is in fact a virgin. Tough and tender, harsh and humorous, Virgin Margarida is an impressive personal and political drama.

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The Flickering Wall

11 Feb 2017
There’s a very thin line involved in supporting filmmaking from countries with little or no tradition: no matter how precarious the conditions are, and how worthwhile the efforts are, if the films aren’t all that good you run the risk of ...

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Release Date:

September 9th, 2012 (Toronto International Film Festival, Canada)
February 25th, 2013 (FESPACO Film Festival, Burkina Faso)
February 25th, 2013 (Belgrade Film Festival, Serbia)
March 14th, 2013 (CinemAfrica Film Festival, Sweden)
April 11th, 2013 (Warsaw Afrykamera, Poland)
November 21st, 2013 (Portugal)


Mario Masini


Jacques Akchoti, Licinio Azevedo


Nadia Ben Rachid


Narciso Alberto, Ilda Gonzales, Constância Mazive

Production Management:

João Fonseca


Damien Boitel (sound editor)
Romain Cadilhac (dialogue editor/sound editor)
Gita Cerveira (location sound mixer/sound recordist)
Paulo Cerveira (boom operator)
Elsa Ferreira (sound editor)
Vladan Nedeljkov (foley recordist)
Branko Neskov (re-recording mixer)
Aleksandra Stojanovic (foley artist)
Godfrey Tshabalala (boom operator)


Moreira Chonguiça
João Carlos Schwalbach (music editor)

Production Company:

Ebano Multimedia, Fonds Images Afrique du Ministère Français des Affaires Etranges, Instituto do Cinema e do Audiovisual (ICA), JBA Production, Radiotelevisão Portuguesa (RTP), Ukbar Filmes


Marfilmes (Portugal) (all media)
trigon-film (Switzerland) (DVD)


Portugese, French


90 minutes

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